Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Seward is a beautiful place. Lots of waterfalls, mountains and sealife. We've rented a nice house at Miller's Landing a couple of miles south of Seward and we're here with my brother and sister and their families. Sort of a mini-reunion. There are a lot of nice gravel roads to walk on and the beach is pretty nice though it is cooler than I expected. At least there are no mosquitoes. Yesterday, I walked for a couple of hours in the afternoon back and forth along the beach road and it was wonderful. The clouds burned off and there were a number of boats cruising around. I forgot my binoculars (among other things) which would have been nice given the amount of birds and sea life around here. Several family members are opting for a cruise later today but I think that I'll be lazy again and relax. It's 5:00 in the morning and I'm awake. That can't be good.

Update - I ended up going on the cruise. The good part was spectacular scenery, saw lots of humpbacks, sea lions, orcas, and more otters than I can count. The bad part was the nausea. Initiated by my medication and amplified by the movement of the boat, after a couple of hours, it didn't matter what they spotted, I wasn't interested. We left on Friday and drove all the way back to Fairbanks. On the way in, we noticed a few thousand cars parked between Ester and Fairbanks. Wonder what was going on?

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