Friday, June 8, 2007

Squiggly (finally) has a new home for June

Overlooking the busy intersection of the Big Whizzy Loop and the Midnight Express Loop, this Squiggly cache is sure to see tons of visitors. I don't have Mona's poetic talent, just a couple of cell phone pictures to guide you and this image from Google Earth. The satellite dish is in the lower left, the Potato Field is at the top. Or just enter in the coordinates and walk right up to it. I tried this and the gps beeped that I "had arrived" when I was two feet away. What will they think of next....

Map of the trails


  1. Big Whizzy, huh?

  2. It's was one of my favorite ski loops last winter. A nice, gradual downhill then back to the start.

  3. Richard,
    You must be a South sloper to call
    those spruce trees 'spindly'. After
    the great rains (which are providing
    clear, clean air for our lungs), the
    trail was a bit wet. Nice area for
    hare spotting in all the horse tail grass. Made for a great walk. Thanks.