Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Finally picked up Squiggly

My Squiggly geocache only had seven visitors this time based on the number of chips taken. The number of names was less than that. Maybe it was too hard to find or Fairbanks walkers aren't into geocaching or possibly the StartWalking coordinator needs some really great prizes (like cruises to the Bahamas, trips to Fiji or iPods.) Actually, I think it needs to be located somewhere more convenient to campus to allow searching during the lunch hour. Maybe during a WIN walk.

Speaking of the noontime WIN walk, I went on one today and there was a pretty poor turnout. Counting myself and the WIN consultant, two people showed up for the walk. It was drizzling a bit at noon but it stopped by a quarter after and was more hot and muggy than anything else. We went 2.56 miles in the allotted time (55 minutes) going around the "T" field along the West Ridge trails. Spotted some good Squiggly hiding spots. Hopefully, I can get it placed before the weekend.

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