Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another WIN walk

Met at noontime at the circle of flags on lower campus for the Thursday WIN for Alaska sponsored walk. Another very small turnout though I heard that there were some very well attended ones last week. We went down and up the stairs to College Road a couple of times since there aren't enough hills in Fairbanks. We stopped at Heather's Squiggly cache and there were a few more cards in the bottle since I stopped last month. During the walk, I looked for a good hiding spot for Squiggly in July. I think I found several good locations and will pick up Squiggly on Saturday evening and put it in its new home on Sunday afternoon. I'm still trying to decide whether to put it near the road or require a fair stroll to get there. Also, near the University or in some other part of town? Any preferences?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking on preferences
for the Squiggly location. I enjoy
the walks on Campus trails. The off
campus locations usually mean driving
somewhere that I would not have been
going to, other than to find the chip.
Thanks for your efforts to keep this program interesting.