Thursday, June 21, 2007

Point Barrow

Not much to report on. I'm slowly moving toward the finish of the Orient Express for the second time (much more slowly than the first time!) I'm in Barrow again and last night on the longest day of the year, several of us went out to the point on four wheelers to look at antennas. Yes, I know I could've walked but it was discouraged due to polar bear sightings earlier in the day. I didn't see any but did see a large marine mammal of some kind surfacing in one of the openings in the ice. We were guessing it was a walrus.

Thursday - There is discussion about heading out towards "Hollywood" after dinner to look for tower sites. I was told that this is where Disney filmed the pseudo-documentary Nanook of the North. It is about 15 miles west of here somewhere.

Thursday evening - Didn't make it out all the way due to a lot of water running between lakes and the ocean but still managed to get a real workout on with all the loose sand and gravel along the beach. It was cold and foggy so no pictures. On the way, we stopped and looked in on the "Naluqatak," which is a celebration sponsored by the whaling captain and crew that caught the whale. It is a time of thanksgiving when the successful crew shares a portion of the catch with the community.

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