Saturday, June 2, 2007

In Barrow

Well, the grand opening of the BARC (Barrow Arctic Science Center formally known as the Barrow Global Climate Change Research Facility), went off without a hitch. I ended up getting a ton of steps in the last couple of days just running around setting up but couldn't enter any steps into the system until today since I was having a lot of trouble getting connected to the Internet. Maybe, too many people trying to get connected. Over 22k steps for each of the last couple of days with no visits to the treadmill. I'd have to cross a small lake to get to the gym anyway. Breakup is (finally) starting and all the roads are a mess. Mud everywhere and still occasional flakes coming down every night. I'm still trying to figure out a good place to hide Squiggly for the month of June. I'll be nice and not hide it up here in Barrow. Finished the three days in Barrow with 72k steps.

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