Thursday, February 1, 2024

Tilting the Solar Panels

Thursday - After figuring out how to install the Renogy tilting mounts, the last two panels went quickly. I was all done around 3pm or so and that included adding Dicor to the screw heads. I still need to do a bit more but need some more hardware from Tractor Supply to add a little more support to one of the plastic mounts. 

Today was kind of cloudy (but warm!) and you can see when I added the second two panels. I don’t remember ever getting over 500 watts from this installation. The charge controller maxes out at 50 amps which is around 600 watts. I may need to upgrade the charge controller if it maxes out...


  1. Sounds like a great "issue" to have, what happens when it hits 600 watts, does it shut down the controller?

    1. You're right. A great "issue" to have. The charge controller just limits the current to 50amps. It's a problem if the input voltage exceeds it's max of 100VDC. That's why I split it into to strings of two panels. Colder temperatures produce higher voltage.