Friday, February 16, 2024

Road Trip

Thursday - A long travel day. Google says that it was 18 hours from Hondo to our destination in Florida. 

We headed due east through San Antonio and Houston before entering Louisiana. I never realized that we were around the same latitude as New Orleans. We stopped in Slidell, La, after driving around 600 miles. Slidell is a bit over the half way point. Hopefully, we’ll get an early start tomorrow. 

 - We got an early start as we will lose an hour on today’s drive. I heard that the Blue Angels are based out of Pensacola, FL, and this display is at the Welcome Center. Bridget picked up a lot of tourist brochures to help the group decide what we are going to be doing. 

Today’s drive is about 525 miles. Less than yesterday but still lots of time sitting in the car. Google says that we will arrive around 5pm. 


  1. Safe Travels! Have fun in God's Waiting Room.... ;)

    1. I had never heard that reference to FL before!