Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Getting Ready for the Next Trip

Tuesday - Our next trip is another non-RV trip. We are driving to Florida to meet up with some good friends. Bridget has been planning this for quite a while. 

This afternoon, we went into Castroville to pick up some food for Florida at Dziuk’s. Some skirt steak, chorizo, and bacon. As well as some Hatch salsa and some gifts. We are also planning to bring a bunch of tamales. Having the portable refrigerator/freezer is really handy. 

We then stopped at Landmark Inn, a state historic site. It had a small museum as well as several me buildings such as the old mill that eventually turned into an electric generator. This wooden pulley and millstone were on display.

We also stopped at Haby’s Bakery, a German bakery just down the road. I picked up an apple fritter for tomorrow morning and a load of bread for the trip.

We then had dinner at Blu Lacy Smokehouse. The combo plate of brisket, pork ribs, sausage was very tasty. Better than the other bbq I’ve had in this town. 

Wednesday - The tasks continue today. We said goodbye to Dom & Martha this morning as they continue further into Texas. We really enjoyed their visit. After some grocery shopping and a test session, I regenerated the water softener. It takes two cartons of table salt which was pretty cheap at H-E-B. After draining the softener, you add the salt and run a slow stream of water through it for 25 minutes. Then rinse at a higher volume for 6 minutes. 

I will pack it away along with the hoses and regulator until we return. It’s not supposed to freeze but it will get close. Better safe than sorry. 

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