Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Hanging Around the Park - SKP

Monday - After the morning test session, I took the Ural out for a short ride. I ended up at the Country Store in D'Hanis and picked up a handful of grocery items. On the way back, there were a couple of packages for Dom delivered to the office. They easily fit on the rear rack of the Ural. It is a bright, sunny day but it's only around 62°F probably due to the north wind.

In other words, it was a pretty slow day today. I did go to the clubhouse to use their Internet as I'm down to around 10GB with about four more days on the AT&T hotspot. It seems to go quickly.

Tuesday - A cool-ish, calm morning. No wind or rain the the forecast. At least for this week. I had left the solar panels tilted even though the forecast was for wind gusts into the high 30s. They are all still solidly mounted though I am considering replacing all of the plastic mounts for some half-height Unistrut channels. When I originally installed the panels, I couldn't find any that were either reasonably priced (including shipping) or in the local area. I guess the supply chain issues have eased up as the local Home Depot carries it in stock.

And, it looks like the top rung of the ladder needs to be replaced as well. Another one of today's projects. I also added an Anderson connector for the 12V supply on the portable refrigerator/freezer as the stock connector was getting unreliable. The Anderson connectors seem to be a decent design and handle the current. I still left the stock connector as the AC adapter connection isn't burned. Probably all of the bouncing when it was in the Jeep.

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