Thursday, February 29, 2024

Heading Back to TX

Wednesday - We managed to get on the road around 9:30 and went through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and into Louisiana. A bit over halfway at 632 miles according to Google. Tomorrow we have 579 miles. Quite a lot of driving. And, not a single picture taken as I was feeling pretty exhausted. I need some time to recuperate from our vacation. 

Thursday - Leaving Louisiana, we went on an 18 mile long bridge over swamps and other wetlands. Lots of traffic through Baton Rouge but the condition of I-10 is way better than I was led to believe. I’ve seen much worse. 

Traffic was heavy with lots of truck traffic and road construction. 


  1. Richard, I drove all over the southern states when I was on attachment to my company's Memphis HQ in 1996. My abiding memory was exploring backwoods Louisiana, where both the locals and I struggled to understand each other! The local catfish restaurants were superb though, as was the Cajun fare.

    1. It’s an interesting state. Water everywhere. The Interstate ran for 18 miles on what was essentially a bridge. Crossing a couple of rivers between the swamps.

    2. My only experience in Louisiana was a couple of conferences in New Orleans.