Saturday, January 21, 2023

Visiting Friends and Benson, AZ - SKP

Thursday - We drove east to south of Bowie, AZ, to visit friends who are dry camping a few miles south. I neglected to take any pictures while we were out there and this sunset is on the trip back to Benson. 

Photo by Dom
It was great to see Chris,  Lori, and Dom again and it turned out to be a beautiful day though it was a little on the cool side. 

 - There is a morning test session on this clear, cold morning (27°F last night and 44°F at 10:30AM) but all of the heating stuff worked well. We could simply leave the thermostat set to the heat pump and when the rooftop unit decided that the outside air temperature was too cold, it switches on the furnace. Sometime after it warms up a little, it switches back. The old one was supposed to work the same way but it didn't really work. The new A/C unit was a great upgrade.

This afternoon, we went on a tour of this SKP Co-op park. It looks pretty nice and, since it is built on a slope, the views are great. Plenty of common space and activities. Seriously thinking about getting on the list here as well. The waiting list is much longer and they said that the wait is about four years. 

- Mural done by residents in panels. 


  1. Great to see you and Bridget! Thanks for bringing lunch and driving all the way out here to visit.