Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Benson, AZ - SKP

Sunday - Today was a  travel day. We headed east through Tucson to just south of Benson, AZ. Usually, we stay at Valley Vista RV Park bus since it is another Encore park, and, according to the rules, we need to stay at a non-Encore location for a week.

This week, we are at an Escapee Co-op similar to the one in Hondo. Since this is our first time staying here, it is only $85 for the week. A good deal for a great spot. The first picture is the view through the windshield of the approaching storm. No pool or hot tub here. 

Monday - Here is where we are staying for the week. Nice roomy site with a concrete pad for the RV. It rained for most of the day but it’s supposed to be clearing up. With the clear skies come lower temperatures. Not really looking forward to that. 

We had a wonderful visit with Michael and Layne in their class B van. They are on their way south into Mexico and beyond starting in only a couple of days. I had met them briefly back in July 2010, in Bend, OR, at a Moto blogger meetup. They just happened to be passing through and saw my post that we were in Benson. Michael, aka Conchscooter, is another moto blogger turned RVer. His blog is The Golden Van.  Be sure to follow their adventures. it should be good! 

Tuesday - After the morning test session, we drove into Benson to meet up with Garrett and Carolyn from Diary of a Family. We’ve known them for several years and have met them on the road several times. And we happen to be in Benson at the same time. They are headed to Quartzsite and, I believe, that we may head out there for a week or so in February. This is after the big RV show that brings way too many RVs to the area. Hopefully, it’ll be quiet by then. 

The forecasted lows for the next week are for below-freezing temperatures. I moved the water pressure regulator into the wet bay and have the little electric heater running in the wet bay and used the heated water hose. Probably overkill but better safe than sorry. 

 - I expected the temperature but not the “Snow Stopping” message this morning. There wasn’t anything sticking but still a surprise. I guess I really should work on that ice maker line behind the refrigerator. I had turned off the shutoff valve but water still flowed out of the line. 

We did get a little dusting of snow on the Jeep this morning. We drove into Tucson to run some errandss and picked up a few groceries at Fry's. At least we some fuel points there gas discounts. And, I'm assuming, the grocery prices are probably slightly better than in Benson.


  1. Not surprised that your paths had crossed. Mexico should be a nice destination this time of the year...

    1. It's probably much warmer than here in AZ. It was below freezing again last night and the forecast doesn't look much better for the next week…