Sunday, January 8, 2023

North to AK

 - I’m sitting in the Phoenix airport waiting for my flight to Alaska. Unfortunately, I’m not going to arrive until tomorrow morning. Not the best flight but it was one of the cheaper options. Airfare has really gone up over the last couple of years. 

I made it as far as Seattle today. I was originally planning to spend the night in the airport but decided that I’m kinda getting too old for that… Fortunately, I had a free hotel stay on

 - Off to the airport at 0440, ugh. Not used to this. It’s been a year since I’ve been on a flight. The Apple Lock screen did update my location. Kind of cool! 

I did end up taking a laptop. A MacBook that I haven't used for years as the battery lasts a lot longer than the iPad. I used the hotel WiFi to apply all of the OS and app updates. Unfortunately, at almost 8 years old, it won't run even the previous version of the OS let alone the current version.
Hungry Robot Pizza now has a Dole Whip machine. So I had to stop and pick up a serving. And had one of their pizzas on a mushroom cap instead of a crust. 

Two stops done already, one more appointment to go (for today). 

 - All done for today. Now, time to get some sleep after the early morning start! There was a view of Denali from the back deck now that there aren't any leaves.

Friday - I stopped by the university after my doctors appointment and picked up my stuff from my old office. Six boxes and a bookcase. It’s been almost six years since I retired so it was about time. It took quite a while since I was visiting with former colleagues. I had a great day visiting friends.

Saturday - A quiet day sorting through the mountain of mail, The last time we had gone through it was last September. Probably 80% percent of it was junk mail.

Sunday - Getting packed up to head south again. I believe that I got everything I was planning to do done. Plus a few more. 


  1. You're spot on regarding air fares Richard. Our recent trip to Australia was twice the price pre-covid. Don't think that we'll be doing any long hails for a while!