Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Finishing Projects

Monday - Another cool night. And, I don’t think the high temperature was above 70°F. I finally got around to washing the Jeep. It was getting pretty dirty plus the tree was shedding leaves on it. I also went up on the roof of the RV and checked the solar panel. The VHB tape seems to be solid except one corner has a small gap. It seems that the roof isn’t completely flat. Tomorrow, I’ll unscrew that mount from the panel and try and replace the tape and remount the plastic bracket so there isn’t a gap by elongating the holes in the bracket. 

Tuesday - Today, I adjusted the solar panel mounting bracket that wasn’t making good contact with the roof. I also added five screws where the brackets lined up with the metal roof joists. I still need to pick up some wire clamps to prevent the wires from moving around with the wind. The Dicor self-leveling sealant is just to help protect the VHB tape. Before we leave here in January, I’ll check the panels again. If I add more panels, I think I will use aluminum unistrut instead of these plastic brackets. 

Not a “project” but dinner was kimchi fried rice. The Blackstone does a fantastic job. 

Staying up really late (for me) waiting to see if Artemis 1 launches on SLS. While I’m waiting, I decided to make another batch of furikake Chex mix. The last batch was a hit. 

Wednesday - I went to Great Clips for my quarterly haircut. I got a coupon that made it ~40%. A good enough deal. We went to Blackrock Brewers, a small microbrewery in a commercial area near here, with Lynne and Jerry. They had a blackberry sour that was pretty good. Afterwards, we went to In-N-Out for dinner. There is always a huge line at the drive-up so I was expecting it to be crowded. It wasn’t too bad inside. 


  1. Can I see a pic of these wire clamps you use to keep wires from moving in the wind?