Friday, November 4, 2022

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Wednesday - I’m still impressed with how well this is working. The spikes are when the doors are opened and it seems to recover quickly. Since the only temperature sensor is in the refrigerator, putting something warm-ish in there will cause the freezer temperature to drop. 

I participated in the morning test session. He was prepared and passed easily. Those are always enjoyable. I needed one more trim piece for the bottom of the refrigerator. I picked up a 1”x2”x 4’ piece of poplar and it didn’t have a barcode. The cashier just picked a random entry from their product menu and asked if that price sounded reasonable. It was very reasonable. I stopped at the wood shop and ripped it down to 5/8” and test fit it. I need to rip it 5/8” in the other dimension tomorrow then prime and paint. 

Thursday - I went to the wood shop this morning and ripped the trim to 11/16” then ran it through the drum sander for the last 1/16”. Now, I need warm weather to return so I can prime and paint the piece. 

My Amazon order arrived with 2x30’ of UV resistant 10AWG solar cable, and one PVC panel mount. I ordered one more 200watt panel to add to the existing three for a theoretical total of 800 watts. I am limited by the 100volt limit of the charge controller. With the panels all in series, the Vmpp voltage is 84volts. One more panel would push it over 100volts. The maximum current is still 9.3amps so the 10AWG cable is still adequate. Now, I just need the panel. 

Friday - A cooking day plus I participated in a couple of test sessions. It was too cold to do any painting. In fact, I dug out the electric space heater for the bedroom. The heat pump did great keeping the rest of the rig warm.

Saturday - It warmed up today after a couple nights of lows in the upper 30s (°F). It warmed up enough to prime the last bit of trim and I’ll do a couple of coats of paint. This bit of trim is on the lower front of the refrigerator so it really needs to be well protected from water as the area will get wet whenever the freezer is defrosted. 

Another cooking day. I wanted to try furikake Chex mix. It came out pretty tasty with the addition of soy sauce and furikake. I also picked up some collard greens that needed to be cooked. Last week, we picked up some cauliflower from the food surplus truck here at the RV park. 

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  1. Collard Greens, one of the several food items I'd never even heard of before joining the Army....good stuff.