Tuesday, November 1, 2022

More Minor Projects

Sunday - I finally got the additional trim installed around the refrigerator. It took me a while to get the wooden pieces painted (several coats of satin black). I fastened it with stainless pan head screws. I think it turned out all right. I just need to screw the refrigerator into the wooden frame in the front plus a couple of screws in the back. 

I also picked up and installed felt glide feet on the swivel rocker. The rocker is bolted into the slide but the base also rests on the main floor. I found some that can be adjusted as the thickness of the support is a little off.

Monday - Today’s Amazon delivery was a replacement LED light strip for the awning. The old one had some broken wires and solder joints so green was completely missing as was about a third of the length. The new strip was 5m long, IP65 rated somewhat waterproof but not submersible, and came with 3M outdoor double sided tape. Plus a small bag of mechanical fasteners. I didn’t use the controller or IR remote as the old controller supports Bluetooth. 

I also re-installed the refrigerator vent fans. These are thermostatically controlled with the sensor mounted above the coils behind the refrigerator. They blow air into the compartment. The propane line is still here as the Blackstone griddle is plugged in. 

You might remember that I am running HomeAssistant on a Raspberry Pi with a half dozen ESP8266 and ESP32 microcontrollers. The ESP32 software needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled in order to upgrade to the current version. Kind of a lame process. But they fixed a bug that I ran into around the beginning of the summer. The upgrade required a recompile of the firmware for all of the microcontrollers which took over an hour. 

 - Started the day with coffee and donut in the clubhouse. Being the beginning of the month, there have been a lot of new arrivals. I participated in the afternoon test session then spent the late afternoon across the street at what they call AA or “attitude adjustment”. More commonly referred to as happy hour…


  1. The trim work looks pretty good to me RichardM! Has to having to recompile software in order to upgrade it, that seems to be a pita.

    1. The software itself didn’t need recompiling but the code that I wrote to run on the microcontrollers needed to be recompiled due to the new libraries that came with the new version. The output of the compile and link is the firmware installed on the microcontrollers that collect the data.