Saturday, November 19, 2022

Even More Minor Projects

Thursday - I picked up an assortment of cable clamps at the all-too-close Home Depot. The rubber and metal one was used on the first panel as it held the 10AWG solar wire snugly. The wire insulation is rated for outdoor use in sunshine. 

Further down, I used ½ nylon clamps where the wire passed between the panels. I also used these nylon squares with VHB tape and are used with zip ties. I used them where the wires run across the roof. The VHB tape used isn’t the high-strength version and the squares didn’t stand up to rain unless they are covered with Dicor to protect the VHB.

Other than that, not much going on. No test sessions today as no one signed up.

Friday - Two test sessions today plus I started another small project. The 12V portable refrigerator/freezer is in one of the full width basement storage bays. Currently, the 12V supply is one of the storage bay lights. The light power runs throughout the basement area so the portable unit sees only around 11.2V due to resistive loses from the long wiring run and small gauge wires. 

Saturday - Today, I ran a short run from the new distribution panel to an Anderson Power Pole distribution block within the storage bay. In addition, I installed a 110VAC duplex outlet. I can run the portable refrigerator/freezer off either one. 


  1. Thanks for the pics of the wire clamps. I think I'll stick with Gorilla/Eternabond tape for now to keep the roof wiring from flapping around.

    1. The clamps are mostly for the wires running along/under the panels. Eternabond (in 1’ segments) is used elsewhere.