Thursday, July 1, 2021


Flowers at Creamer's Field. Not very many birds here today as they are not migrating now. But it still looked like it would make a good picture. And, every picture must include the rig, eh? This was actually taken yesterday as, today, it's a little hazy due to smoke. It may be due to a large fire near Manley Hot Springs west of Fairbanks. There isn't a lot of wind but there is a breeze from the west up the Tanana River. The fire map from this morning shows the location of Manley Hot Springs to Fairbanks.

Today was also more Ural maintenance. I remember reading that Ural changed their recommendation for transmission oil to 75W90 full synthetic. In the past, it’s been engine oil but now, gear oil. And, since I don’t remember when I changed the final drive oil, I went ahead and changed that as well. In both cases, minimal swarf on the magnets and the oil looked fairly clean though there was a trace of water contamination in the transmission oil. 

I also cleaned the non-stock air cleaner element. The inside of the housing was caked with dust but the inside of the element looked clean. The element is from a Moto-Guzzi and has much more surface area than the stock element. Right now, I’m waiting for the filter element to dry before re-oiling it. The rear drum brakes are still proving to be difficult to adjust. It seems like they are either dragging or not functioning. 



  1. Whoa, when did the transmission oil type change?!? It makes sense of course but still, I managed to miss that. Thanks.