Friday, July 9, 2021

The Rest of the Week

Wednesday - It actually dropped into the high 40s last night. Is this the beginning of the end of summer? I guess it isn't snowing yet, so I shouldn't be complaining... But it did feel cold this morning.

Here at home, I'm back to my first sous vide stick. The temperature is off by several degrees but as long as you know that, it works fine. I'm using the Instant Pot as the sous vide vessel as it is somewhat insulated to lessen heat loss. It works. I happen to run across a turkey breast at Safeway (only one on the shelf) so it's in the water bath for the next 26 hours. Should be pretty tasty.

Today, it's just tacos. On Tuesday, we stopped by Fish and Game to get our permanent fishing licenses. My old one had pretty much dissolved in my wallet and instead of simply replacing it, I had to re-apply. But this time, they laminated the license. I took several other items down to the copy place and had them laminated as well. Things like my Medicare card, voter registration, Ural insurance card, and ham radio license. Hopefully, they will last a while.

Two more test sessions today. Both of them lasted longer than usual. The first due to a late addition and the second just took a while...

Thursday - After meeting the normal Tuesday/Thursday coffee group, I headed to Fred Meyer to pick up a  few grocery items. It turned out that the power was out on that side of town and FM was running on generator power. They had all of the refrigerated items closed off with emergency lighting. But all of the checkouts were up and running. I also stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse to pick up some fishing line. I figured that the line on my reel was probably 20+ years old. Maybe it's time to be replaced.

Friday - Today, after adjusting the parking brake on a newer Ural, we headed out to the Big M Farm near Nenana to pick honeyberries aka haskaps. They are the color of blueberries but oblong instead of round. We picked 6½ lbs of the delicious berries. 

The farm was a very relaxing way to spend the day. 

After getting back home, the after rain arrived complete with tiny bits of hail and lightning. If you look closely in the picture, you can see the white streaks from the hail. 


  1. So your neck of the woods is not affected by the heat wave that seems to engulf the Canadian west coast?

    1. No, not at all. It was 46°F this morning...