Thursday, July 15, 2021

Week 6 in AK

Monday - In addition to two test sessions, I needed to do some running around town. A visit to Sportsman's Warehouse for some fishing line. The line on my spinning reel was probably at least 25 years old so it was due to be replaced. It is a pretty lightweight setup and I just filled it with 8# test line. I don't plan to go fishing but Bridget plans to take our grandson when we are in Homer. I'm guessing that she will need/want a fishing pole as well. I also stopped at Costco to shop for summer tires for the Prius and have an appointment for the end of the week. Nice that Costco actually does tire appointments. 

After that, I stopped at Zorbas for a gyro using a gift certificate that we received from another food vendor, The Hungry Robot. We lent them a chest freezer for them to use at Chickenstock, a music festival in Chicken AK. Pretty generous given that the freezer has been sitting outside unused. But it works well and the inside was very clean. After the session, I hauled a week's worth of household trash to the transfer site. The Ural has been getting quite a bit of use since the truck has been sold. 

Tuesday - Tuesday/Thursday coffee with the regular group. It was a nice morning though it was starting to feel pretty hot by 11. It's around 75°F but it still feels hot if you are sitting in the sun. I'm back home waiting for the afternoon test session to start. Then, maybe a bit more work on the Ural.

Since I'm planning a road trip later this month, I installed the Heidenau K28 on the rear. This is a street tire designed for use on a sidecar rig. It is a directional tire with a non-knobby tread. I normally use Heidenau K37 tires. I also took advantage of having the rear wheel removed to adjust the anchor point on the rear brake pads. They now actually work halfway decently.

Wednesday - A wet rainy day today. In other words, a good day to continue with maintenance on the neglected Ural. I finally got around to checking the valve clearances. With the engine cold, all valve clearances were still 0.003" so I must've set them shortly before storing the rig.

I looked at some of my old posts and noticed that I had just returned from D2D (Dust to Dawson) and had clutch release-bearing issues. Plus I had gone to Barrow and Georgia so the rig didn't get a lot of use. And I've only driven it about 600 miles since returning. So, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that the valves didn't need adjusting.

Thursday - Another day of no pictures. I guess Fairbanks seems to bit boring. Coffee in the morning and another Costco/Safeway run with the Ural. The rear brakes actually contribute to slowing the rig down after adjusting the shoes. The parking brake still needs to be adjusted.

Friday - I spent the morning in Costco getting new tires for the Prius. The front tires were on the tow dolly but the rear tires saw the RV miles in addition to the running around. So both front and rear needed replacing. Plus, the TPMS sensors needed to be replaced.

Right now, I'm waiting for the afternoon test session to start. 


  1. How old were the TPMS sensors that needed replacement?

    1. The Prius is a 2012 so 9 years old. And they haven't worked for about a year. The winter tires have their own sensors so these haven't been polled for that whole period.