Monday, February 15, 2021

Day 61, 62, 63 - Harlingen, TX - TT

Saturday (61) -  From this temperature map, maybe we should've gone to Florida this winter. The forecast is for a low of 23°F on Monday. Yesterday, I went ahead and swapped the heated water hose along with the cheap pressure regulator. No use breaking things so soon after I got the replacement. Since it has been below 40°F both yesterday and today, we are using a combination of propane furnace and the electric radiator for heat. So far, it's doing pretty good. Way better than it's been in the past. The electric radiator is in the front living area and it adds enough heat so the furnace isn't running all the time. After this weekend, we will probably need to fill up the propane tank sometime next week. 

We went out to Chili's for dinner with Galen and Cindy. With the cold weather coming in, they extended their stay an additional week. They have what I consider the ideal heating system. A diesel fuel boiler with heated floors. No propane in their RV at all.

Sunday (62)
 - Someone has a new favorite spot today. It’s only 37°F for today’s high temperature and the forecast is for the mid-20s (°F) tonight. I disconnected from the campground water and sewer this morning and closed up the opening in the wet bay. From the photo below, you can see that it makes quite a difference in the temperature of that compartment. 

It is still windy outside and between that and the humidity, it feels a whole lot colder than the temperature suggests. I believe the forecast is for winds tonight of 20mph with gusts up to 40mph. 

We also brought in our large slide and it feels a lot warmer. There isn't a lot of insulation in the floor and ceiling of the slides.
Monday (63)
 - I thought that southern TX was supposed to be warm. Or at least warmer than this. We are really burning through the propane this weekend. We are at 35% down from 70% last week. I nabbed the propane guy and picked up one of his signs. You just put it into the front windshield and he'll stop and fill up the tank. A bit more expensive than Love's but way more convenient. As you can see from the screenshot, it's supposed to start getting warmer starting tomorrow with pool temperatures by the end of the week.

I'm waiting for another test session to start right now. Bridget read that there are a lot of power outages in the state including  some int the county where we are. The only way we'll know if there is a power outage is if the refrigerator switches back to propane. Just about everything we can see in the main living area will run off of the inverter.

That last sentence reminded me to switch the electric heater to an outlet that isn't powered off of the inverter. Just in case…

Now time for a walk before the second session...


  1. Take care down there. Unbelievable weather!

    1. We are fine here in the RV park. Apparently, people are panicking as there is a rush on water, gas, and propane. Some friends went to Sam's Club and the gas line was out into the street.

  2. That diesel fuel boiler really sounds like the ideal setup although I imagine they still have other systems that require propane?

    1. No, the heat is diesel and everything else is electric. They mentioned that a propane stove and oven would be nice to have. So, the only propane they carry is for their grill.

    2. A cold spell in Texas, who would have thunk that?

      The heater would become my favourite spot, too.

    3. Yes, a cold spell in TX. And no-one here seems to be equipped to handle cold let alone snow and ice…

  3. Heated floors sounds luxurious! I too am seeing propane run out at the usual spots I try to refill at....KOA and Tractor Supply here in Las Cruces were both out. Luckily, found a propane supplier near the KOA.