Monday, February 8, 2021

Day 53, 54, 55, 56 - Harlingen, TX - TT

Friday (53) - Walked a couple of miles this morning and there were quite a few spoonbills around the small pond in the campground. Unlike the last campground, two miles was only a fraction of the streets within the RV park. 

I replaced the gas struts on the bed platform. They were about ¼" shorter than the old ones but they work fine. The last maintenance item for now is the fresh water check valve on the city water line. 

Saturday (54) - A couple of more test sessions today. It is a breezy, overcast day so nothing else was planned. Last night, we met up with Galen and Cindy and went out to dinner at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. We had met them last summer in Seaside, Whaler’s Rest and South Jetty campgrounds. I had the ribs and coconut shrimp. Fantastic food and excellent company. 

The maintenance task of the day was cleaning out the dryer vent hose. I suspected that it had come loose from either the dryer or outside vent. The wall panel between the closet and the washer/dryer came off easily with a handful of screws and the hose had fallen off of the dryer. Lots of lint inside of the hose so it’s a good thing that we cleaned it. 

Sunday (55) - It’s back to sunny and warm again. High temp today is 80°F with a light wind. This morning, I started waxing the RV. Kind of like painting a house. I did the front and about half of one side. I’ll continue when the sun moves to the other side of the RV. The weather stripping on the bottom of the screen door was coming loose so instead of double stick tape, I just screwed it in place. 

Later, we went to Galen and Cindy’s rig and watched the Super Bowl on their satellite TV. 

Monday (56) - Back to overcast again. Cloudy, warm, and muggy. The A/C is on even though it's only 75°F due to the 80% humidity. I walked a couple of loops around the smaller RV park side that we are in which is around 1.5 miles. Far enough with the humidity.

Two more test sessions today with a visit to the pool between sessions. 

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