Thursday, February 4, 2021

Day 49, 50, 51, 52 - Harlingen, TX - TT

Monday (49) - A long travel day today. Maybe five miles. We moved to a different RV park here in Harlingen. It’s the same one that we stayed at for a couple of weeks last year. This time, we are here for three weeks. It’s very RV park-ish but has a couple of pools and actual activities. With food trucks.

Tuesday (50) - A nice 2.5 mile walk this morning at a wonderful 64°F and sunny. I have more tests scheduled for today though the WiFi was useless. It was pretty good last year but it seemed like the AP kept loosing its uplink. It would work fine the stop working. Their tech support was worthless. So I canceled and we will just rely on Verizon. 

There are tests scheduled for today. The first one at 11, then 12:30, 4:30, and 5:00. The testing group is pretty flexible. 

Wednesday (51)
 - Another nice day. High temperatures around 80°F but a little bit windy. Two more test sessions today and I participated in the first sitting outside. But there was some wind noise being picked up by Zoom. So I'm back inside for the second session. We did visit the other (larger) pool and it is surrounded on three sides so it's pretty well protected from the wind. More familiar faces here. We met with Galen and Cindy this morning. We had met them at Seaside and Whaler's Rest in Oregon last summer. Also a couple of other RVs from the last RV park. 

There is also another ham radio operator that I had initially met in Lake Texoma last April. He has an impressive screwdriver antenna on the roof with a linear actuator to raise and lower the mast. He told me that it looks more impressive than it works.

Thursday (52)
 - One of the morning projects was replacing the rear A/C shroud that was broken when a large branch fell on it last September. The temporary fix with a Rubbermaid plastic lid and Gorilla tape held up just fine for a few thousand miles and five months. 

The new shroud is an aftermarket brand but it seems to be much sturdier. I guess being sixteen years newer doesn’t hurt. It didn’t fit as nicely as the original but it is flexible enough to adapt and I needed to drill new mounting holes as the holes in the new cover were all about an inch off. 

Another item in my Amazon order was a programming cable for the RD-5R dmr radio. I don't know how I can lose something within the RV but I managed. There wasn't a cable listed for my particular radio but I found something that I thought would work as I needed a cable without a usb chip embedded in the cable. It works and now that I have a new one, the old cable should show up at any moment. 

More repairs tomorrow...

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