Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Day 57 - Nuevo Progreso

We ventured into Mexico with Galen and Cindy this morning. We were both told to avoid crossing at Brownsville so we went about twenty miles west on I-2 and parked across from Nuevo Progreso. Parking was $2/car and the pedestrian toll on the bridge was $1. None of us really had a shopping list or anything like that.

After crossing, you are inundated with people trying to get you into prescription drug stores, dentist offices, salons, and other shops. I had never seen that density of dental offices ever. 

I did stop and get a haircut. Only $6! We did have a nice lunch. I enjoyed the time with Galen and Cindy but being constantly hounded to buy things or for hand outs got old really fast. The return bridge toll was 25¢. 


  1. 6 bucks for a haircut? The cheapest you'd get here in a barber shop would be 15€ (double for a woman's cut).

    1. That was a good deal. They originally quoted the price in dollars and when I paid, I used pesos. So it was even cheaper. And they did a pretty good job.