Sunday, April 19, 2020

Day 73, 74 - Gordonville, TX - TT

Saturday (73) - I took another walk around the park this morning and it was really feeling “green”. Much more than when we first arrived. Just a short 1.4 mile walk to get the cobwebs blown out. These are some of the rental cabins that are usually available at most TT parks. I think the only ones staying in them are some seasonal staff.

We are definitely taking advantage of the much improved WiFi. Between device and laptop updates, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime video, and Disney+, there is no shortage of choice. But there still isn’t much on. Catching up on the YouTube channels is the first thing in the morning norm. By 3pm, it was a pleasant 65°F and pretty nice sitting outside under the awning.

Sunday (74) - Another decent day here in northern TX. On the Home Assistant screenshot, you’ll notice that it detected our printer. Once I clicked “add”, it identified the printer model, status, and ink levels. Pretty cool.

The weather originally had thunderstorms for this area but they passed to the south of us with only a sprinkle of rain in the early afternoon.


  1. Sounds very pleasant. Spring has definitely sprung in Texas, and central California seems already past spring!

    1. It is pretty nice though it is getting humid in addition to just warm.