Friday, April 24, 2020

Day 79 - Arbor Day - TT

I went to the hardware store in Whitesboro to pick up a box cutter. Surprisingly, one tool that I didn’t think to bring on this trip. I also filled up the car and I haven’t paid this price for gas in quite a while. $1.139/gallon. I’ve heard that some people were seeing gas under $1/gal in parts of OK.

I needed the box cutter to remove some carpeting in the bedroom near one of the slides. It looks like there is water coming in from somewhere. Since it is right at the edge of the slide, that seems to be the most likely candidate.

I had noticed that today is Arbor Day when there used to be celebrations and ceremonial tree planting. I didn’t hear of anything. I guess shelter-in-place doesn’t allow for much. I noticed a little more traffic on the road today and several RVs left this morning. I’m guessing that they just want to get on the road. 

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