Thursday, April 2, 2020

Day 56, 57 - Gordonville, TX - TT

Wednesday (56) - I'm not sure why I'm still bothering to put the day count in the blog post titles anymore. The travel restrictions will probably mean that I won't be able to make it back to Alaska within the 90 day period. I heard that Alaska Airlines has dramatically reduced the number of flights overall and there are no longer direct flights to Fairbanks anymore. I don't see much change in the next 30 days.

But, it's really nice out today so I shouldn't complain about things I have no control over. I just called our next RV park and they said no problem. Call the office as soon as we arrive and they will show us to our site with their golf cart. We picked this location due to its proximity to Phoenix (within an hour) in the hope that our windshield problem could be fixed. I will call the mobile RV glass company early next week to re-confirm our appointment.

The forecast from today on is for occasional showers but no really warm days so I may pack the bikes away. Besides the one ride to the Dollar General store, a couple of trips to the lake, and riding around the RV park, they haven't gotten a whole lot of use. This picture of the foot of our leveling jack may demonstrate how wet the ground has been while we were here. I never realized how wet Texas could be.

Thursday (57) - This morning, I went into the small town of Whiteside, which is about 11 miles south of here, to pick up some groceries. I wanted to have enough for our travels to Arizona in a few days. While we have power and time, I am preparing dinners for the trip as there is no real plan for the trip. All we know is that we are leaving here on Sunday and arriving at another RV park on Wednesday.

I also figured that the inside drivers' side rear tire probably could use more air. I started up the coach engine and used the air pressure from the engine-driven compressor to top off the tire. It was 96psi and I aired it up to 108psi. There wasn’t anyone on either side of us so I figured it would be okay to have the engine running while I added air. The last time I filled the tire was in Harlingen, TX, so it doesn’t lose the air that quickly. I suspect that it is the valve extension.

A notice from the Thousand Trails FB page makes me think about staying put…
To our valued members,
As we continue to navigate the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, we are committed to working with our members and employees to maintain a healthy environment.
In light of recommendations by the CDC and local health authorities to limit unnecessary travel as well as the shelter in place guidance in effect in many areas, we are making extensions available upon request to those members currently staying at our Thousand Trails campgrounds. Members may stay in place beyond the limits allowed by their membership contracts, without additional/new fees or charges, through Thursday, April 30, 2020.
For those members who elect to extend your reservations at your current location, we are requesting that you login to the membership portal at to cancel any upcoming reservations previously made. This will help our teams accommodate members that are impacted by the shelter in place guidance throughout the Thousand Trails campground network.
… (I deleted the rest of the notice as the only relevant section is in blue above)


SonjaM said...

Sounds like the virus will also put your travels to a halt. First and foremost: stay healthy.

RichardM said...

At least for the month. I have been trying to contact the glass place in AZ to see if they were still operating and haven't heard back. That was the main reason we were heading back to AZ at this time. Also, our current reservation ran out on Sunday.

david R said...

We've hired contractors to do house renovations and the project is already slowing down due to materials slow to be manufactured and contractors slow to mobilize crews. I'm not concerned with the project slowing down, I am concerned about the local economic health. Ravn, major player in passenger aviation in Alaska, just parked 30 passenger aircraft leaving only three in operation. They are scaling back in an attempt to not have to do more layoffs. Commendable. I hope we see the ability to lift isolation status in May. But 12 states still have not enacted stay-at-home orders. I think residents in those states will pay a price for delaying action. On March 14th when Cee and I went into isolation the world confirmed was 160,000 and it broke 1,000,000 in less than three weeks.

RichardM said...

I had heard that Ravn had shut down most of their flights to the villages. The concern of that article was for groceries and mail. I'm not sure how the economy is going to survive this shutdown.

Geoff James said...

I'm amazed at the level of freedom you still have Richard - you take good care of yourself! Our 14 day quarantine ends tomorrow so at least we are allowed off our property for a local walk or to drive into the village for approved supplies.

RichardM said...

We aren’t on quarantine since we hadn’t traveled from other areas. We’ve already been here for around 2 1/2 weeks and before this, we were in place for two weeks. While traveling, we don’t ever need to interact with others as fuel stops is just using a phone app. After identifying your pump and what you want, just fill. When you are done, an electronic receipt is delivered. We had a reservation at another RV park in Arizona so I called them earlier in the week. They said no problem. The office is closed and I just needed to call them when we arrived and they would escort us to our spot. Again, no in-person interaction. We still walk around the park and drive when we need groceries or prescription refills. Pretty much the same except the house is mobile.