Monday, February 25, 2019

Day 48 - Warm(er) Weather!

There was an article in the local paper that mentioned the upgrades being done at Needles Marina where we are staying. Due to lower water levels of the Colorado River, the marina needed to be deeper. The amount I heard was over 10’. Plus, they wanted to accommodate larger boats. The boat launch ramp also needed to be extended as it ended just below water level. That would be a shock to anyone launching a boat. (There was a warning sign about the drop off.

We are finally going to get some warmer weather with highs in the 70s (°F) for the rest of the week. Bridget may finally get some nice enough weather to play with her kayak again. I think the “plan” is for Wednesday. We check out of here on Friday. Our month-long stay ending.

Just another solar comment, before 10:00 AM, the system was already into absorption mode. Granted, it was only down by 12%. This can be seen when the array voltage (red) goes above the battery voltage (green). The horizontal axis is AKST not local time. It seemed to be an easier way to get consistent data while we are traveling. Where we are in Needles, CA, only a few hundred yards to the east is MST. I turned off auto time zone on my phone since the time depended on which cell tower you connected to. I had wondered why the charge controller never went into “float”. As long as you are drawing power from the battery, it will stay in absorption. The refrigerator and fans are always drawing power during the day.