Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Day 29 -

A clear, very sunny morning. Nice enough to sit outside but may be too sunny to view screens. Earlier this morning, I started to pull the dash apart on the truck to try and replace a burned out instrument panel bulb. The one for the fuel gauge. It turns out that I need to drop the steering column and remove the top of the dash. After some thought, I decided that this was an “at home in the garage” type of task. So put it all back together. I did check out how hard it would be to change out the radio. Pretty simple. I am planning on replacing it with a CarPlay compatible unit.

Of course, by afternoon it was cloudy, windy and cold.

Part of my Amazon order arrived today. Not the converter but everything else. I left the pressure regulator at the campsite in Benson so I needed to order a replacement. This is water pressure regulator number three. The first one had cracked when the temperature had dropped below freezing. I forgot to shut off the water and drain the hoses that night and the water inside of the regulator froze.

Another item I picked was this water volume meter. I think it's designed for use with sprinkler systems. I had not filled our freshwater tank since Quartzsite. The handy-dandy meter on the wall said that the tank was ⅔ full. We didn't really believe it since it said the same thing for most of the time that we were there. It did register "full" on the first day. According to this meter, we used 27.5 gallons of water. If this is true, we didn't use very much water but definitely more than a third of a tank. I now need to empty the freshwater tank and then refill it using this meter.

The last item in this order was 4AWG cables to use with the converter.

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