Friday, December 11, 2015

Yet Again

On Thursday's ride, I noticed that my thumb and fingertips of my right hand were cold so I turned up my gloves. After all, it was -22°F so cold would have been expected. And since I had turned up the power to the gloves, I could feel the individual heating wires in the left glove get so hot on the back of my hand. Obviously, I was looking at yet another broken wire. You can easily access the wiring through the zipper in the lining and, as expected, there was another broken wire. I soldered the connection, insulated it with heat shrink and reinforced both wires with some narrow strips of rescue tape.

And like any other time you mess with anything on a motorcycle, you have to take a test ride. After all, you want to make sure that the wheels don't fall off or something. This is at the Dog Mushers Hall around 10am. It's still 48 minutes before sunrise but there is some nice color on the horizon. The Dog Mushers Hall is one of my regular stops for recording the temperature and odometer for the PBC videos. Since the rig is garaged, there needs to be some time for the thermometer to register outdoor temperature. At this point, it was about -7°F.

It was definitely feeling colder in town so I stopped at Creamer's Field to end one PBC ride and start another one. Here it was -18°F. This is only about 15 minutes after the last picture but I am facing north rather than southeast so the color of the sky is really different. The Creamer's Dairy barn is in the background and our house is on the hills on the left way in the background. The heated glove repair was working fine with heated grips at setting 2/5 and gloves at about 60%. From this point, I rode another 27km before stopping at College Coffeehouse. I guess I could've started yet another video but the rubber band that I was using to hold the mini USB cable into the GoPro had disappeared. Rubber bands don't do well in the cold.

Here are the next two PBC videos. They were recorded last week sometime. The first one was 50km @ -20°F and the second was 10km @ -15°F. Just burning gas...


  1. I like the way the Alaska Range demarcks the skyline...

    1. Not as nice as the Front Range in you pictures but for us, that's about all there is around Fairbanks.

    2. Nothing seems to work when the temps. get below 0*. I spent many years working out in the sub zero temps....also many years of Winter Camping / Trekking. No more sub zero cold for me. While I enjoy your posts of frozen scenery...I'm glad I'm not a part of