Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Non-Snowy Post

Some non-Alaskan pictures way above freezing photos for those who don't care for snow covered trees (Conchscooter). After a 22 hour trip, mostly sitting in airports, I arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport. The flight arrived at 5:30am, 45 minutes ahead of schedule, and we had to sit on the ramp for almost 25 minutes while a parking space was cleared for the Alaska Airlines jet. After picking up my checked bag, I waited for the shuttle bus to the Long Beach Airport to pick up my rental car.

There were several reasons for renting a car in Long Beach but the major one was roughly ¼ of cost! Until Bridget arrives, my cousin and his family are letting me stay with them. This morning we walked around a park. The weather was wonderfully warm at 61°F with a lot of other walkers. We then went to a noodle shop for lunch and they had pork/squid/egg okinomiyaki. Since I never had any except my own attempts, this was a great opportunity to try it. It was pretty tasty and the shaved bonito and Japanese mayo was a great addition. I need to try and find some of that mayo.

We then went to the Huntington Beach pier and walked down to the end. More spectacular weather and not too many people out and about. This is right at the beginning of the pier looking out towards Ruby's, a diner on the end. A few folks were fishing but I didn't see any fish. There were a handful of folks surfing. According to the lifegaurd station on the pier, the water temperature was a chilly 59°F. A little too cold to be in the water in my humble opinion.

A pelican was surveying the water looking for dinner but I didn't see him budge from his perch. Looking north from the pier, we could see the Long Beach port and Palos Verdes peninsula. Looking west is Catalina Island barely visible in the HDR picture below.

Just for a little bit of moto content, I saw this older Goldwing rig parked at the beach. It looks like a really wide car maybe for a couple of people.

Here are also the next two PBC videos both recorded on an evening ride to the Airhead "meeting" at the Silver Gulch microbrewery last week. It was a nice ride out and back though it was a little slippery on the way back.



  1. Ah. Those are nice photos. I can almost hear the surf. Thanks for posting those.

  2. No, it's actually a diner. I've been there for breakfast/lunch in the past and it was good with a great view.

  3. Sun and ocean, what's not to love.

    1. Crowds, traffic jams, noise. Did I mention crowds?

  4. The weather looks beautiful, what a change from what you had at home. Enjoy!