Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wi-Fi Calling

Another post with zero moto content.

I've noticed this new banner several times over the last week since I had turned it on. AT&T now supports Wi-fi calling when your phone is connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi and cell signal is weak or non-existent. Both voice and text are supported and since I've been in Barrow, it seems to work better than the local AT&T partner here. I wonder if it'll work in Canada?

Today was spent working in the BARC trying to simplify the audio/video setup in the conference room. I had initially set up the conference room with multiple cameras with a video switcher, and three boundary microphones and three wireless microphones with a small mixer. And one-click recording and/or streaming to the Internet. The setup is now simplified so that someone can walk into the room, plug their laptop in at the podium to VGA and Ethernet and use the single wired microphone. It has proven to be impossible to get anyone else up to speed on the A/V equipment for any length of time. Plus people just come in and randomly unplug things since they don't know how it works. Very frustrating for me and those at UIC Science trying to support the room. I had thought that the original setup was pretty straightforward. But I guess not...

I also upgraded a bunch of machines to OSX 10.11 aka El Capitan. Pretty easy after I made a couple of boot images on USB thumb drives. Only one download needed for all of the hosts. (The initial download took almost a full day) Tomorrow I'll try and upgrade the OS X server...


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