Friday, October 23, 2015

Barrow Logo-Wear

Back in Barrow for several days to get some things done. I was asked to run a cable to the roof for another Ubiquity radio with a directional antenna pointed towards some other building on the NARL campus. This is looking north. Not very warm, kind of windy with blowing snow. Not very nice day to be out on the roof.

The science logistics provider, UIC Science, gave me one of their hoodies that they provide to their staff. Pretty nice with a great logo. If it has a logo is it always classified as tchotchke? This is way to nice and useful to have that label. Plus I picked up a new down vest (no logo) from the surplus equipment pile resulting from cleaning out a shipping container. I believe that most of the pile was being donated somewhere in town.

I have the "lake view" hut again. I seem to only get it during the winter. This is the view from the dining room window. The darker sky is towards the ocean and to the east and it really looks that way and not just an artifact from the iPhone. Almost like you can see the night sky swallowing up the light.


  1. Replies
    1. I figured that you might appreciate it. And it's only October...

  2. Is sunrise close to noon yet? Sunset by 4:30?

    1. Not quite. Sunrise 10:30, sunset 5:49. Both AKDT. Notice the lack of symmetry...