Monday, October 19, 2015

Not Quite Cold Enough

Our extended "not yet winter" is continuing on today, sort of. For the last couple of days it has been floating right around freezing with rain, freezing rain and sleet with the resultant black ice. The studs are working well even the little tiny ones from China and I have not felt even a little slipping. Not so for some others on the road. Most people in Fairbanks never bother with things like studded snow tires and on normal years get by just fine with all season tires or mud and snow tires. This year has started out a little different.

I remember a post by Dom where he picked up tire chains for the Ural at and decided to try a set. They had a choice of a set of six or a set of eight. I opted for a single set of eight with the thought that could use some on the pusher and maybe a few on the front wheel or sidecar wheel as needed. The provided leather straps are almost too thick and barely fit between the tire/rim and the drive shaft. If I use a nylon strap and slightly bend the wire to match the contour of the tire then they fit easily.

I found these on Amazon and thought that I'd give them a try. I wasn't too keen on using the plastic buckles usually used on nylon webbing. D-rings are another option. If the velcro straps are sturdy enough then it'll simplify installation of the chains.

Here you can see that there is very little room between the K37 tire and the drive shaft. Not just to the rubber that covers the end of the spline but between the chain and the drive shaft itself. I think that this'll work but I went ahead and ordered the heavy duty velcro straps as well after running around town trying to find some.


  1. Ah yes, the tight clearance issue when using snow chains. Your comments re trying various methods to secure the chain in place also reminded me of past efforts on my part when I was driving Yoshie, the V-Strom rig.

    The key, as you found out, is bending the bracket that ends up on the right side of the tire so that it clears the driveshaft's rubber cover. Chains for Valencia

    1. I was ready to just toss the leather straps until I saw how you used a wire tie to maintain a tight radius around the wire.