Sunday, August 2, 2015

Salem---shopping! What Richard didn't mention.

Richard's sister and I took Mom out shopping, an activity I rarely get to do in Alaska.  A lot of purchases happen on line.  Mom's brother has recently passed.  We bought her fabric for her to make a new quilt.  Us girls, including our niece, spent hours picking out fabric while the boys, including the Pomeranian Quincy, stood outside and chatted.  We then took Mom to get new sandals and something to wear at the wedding Richard will be going to next week.  She is a typical depression era lady that hasn't bought a new dress in 30 years.  Not exaggerating.
Richard's mom, Ayako, is 89.  She is very healthy and lives on her own.  I am looking forward to her visiting Fairbanks in another week.


  1. Shopping is a very important ritual, especially when doing it with mom(s). I am a passionate online shopper (except for shoes, here I am very picky), but once a year my mom and I go on a shopping spree... good times.

  2. My Mom loved it when I took her shopping.