Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 55 - Getting Ready

Today was a long day. Medford to Portland then back to Corvallis. This was in the borrowed Honda minivan. (Thank you Carole & Peter!). We left around 10am and I was back at my mom's home by 7:30pm. Now it's time to get everything sorted and packed up. I didn't take a single photo today while on the road (I think that this is a first for me).

After dinner, I started to go through my mental checklist to get ready to go.

  • The Spot tracker has fresh lithium batteries
  • The GPS has a fresh set of alkaline batteries
  • All chargeable batteries are charged (computer, iPad, jumper battery, Li-ion electronics battery, camera, GoPro what am I missing?)
  • I ran a USB power cable to the monopod for the GoPro. I'll use that on the return trip. I prefer it's higher location
  • Engine, transmission and final drive oil checked
  • Tire pressures checked
  • Laundry done
  • Made sure that I knew where my paperwork was located
  • Refreshed food supplies
  • Refilled med containers
  • Water bottles in the freezer for the ice chest

I think I'm finally ready to head out tomorrow morning.

And thank you Brad & Brandy for all your help and company (not to mention the fantastic trail mix!)



  1. That trail mix looks delish... Now you're definitely ready to roll again.

  2. Glad you are enjoying the trail mix. It makes great travel food.

    And thank you again for dinner last night. It was nice to visit one more time before you head out.

  3. Looks like you're all set ... if it were me, I'd have to put a post-it note somewhere to remind myself to take the water bottles out of the freezer. Ride safe.