Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leaving Oregon

On Tuesday evening, I head back to Alaska. There won't be many flowers to enjoy for a while up there even though the unseasonably warm weather seems to be continuing. At least for a while. And by "unseasonably warm", I mean in the 30s (°F) instead of the normal teens. I suspect that it won't last too much longer. This particular photo was taken at my nieces elementary school while I was waiting for school to end.

This morning, I met with someone from the University of Oregon. He runs IT for one of the schools (as opposed to the central IT organization) and was recently in Fairbanks during the TechFest even earlier in the month. We had a great discussion around academic uses of technology and comparisons between the Oregon State and the University of Alaska. Nothing earth shattering but it was a wonderful conversation and look forward to continuing the discussion. I really like their implementation of the "cloud" for their students/facuty/staff which allows each to use a combination of different cloud services.

Tuesday Afternoon - Sitting at PDX now waiting for my flight to Seattle followed by my flight to Fairbanks. They put me on an earlier Seattle flight so I should be able to get a few mile in walking around the airport. I must have opted-in for some sort of program with the TSA as I was redirected to the "no line" line and didn't have to take my shoes off or pull my laptop out of my back pack. Pretty convenient.

I'm starting to really like Oregon…

Tuesday Evening - Now in the Seattle airport and the weather here isn't anywhere near as nice as Oregon. This is looking west from the window of the food court at the sunset. It looks like the fog never really cleared out during the day.



Unknown said...


Our fog never lifted either. It was clear for a few hours and then it rolled back in again. We never got above 10°c and it feels really cold. The fog this morning felt like it was drizzling. You have to turn your wipers on

You must be on the PDX VIP list

Riding the Wet Coast

RichardM said...

No, the same thing happened in Anaheim, Honolulu, Philadelphia and Chicago. I'm not sure what the process is but after they scan my boarding pass they send me to the other line.

Martha said...

Love that last photo.

Trobairitz said...

By now you are safely back at home and got to sleep in your own bed.

Hope you come back soon. Lunch is our treat next time.

PS - you still need to be thinking of buying a bike to leave at your mom's house so we can go riding.

RichardM said...

Thank you! I was about a minute late to get the sun shining just above the fog.

RichardM said...

Yes, almost a nights sleep. The flight didn't get in until 1:00am but there isn't much else to do on a flight. It is always good to visit with you two. Thank you.

Conchscooter said...

Unseasonably warm here has ended with a cool front and 79 degrees before sunrise. Brisk and energizing. Thirty degrees is my freezer and I don't spend much time there as frostbite is considered sub-optimal around here.I don't miss fog either as it is in my opinion the worst possible riding condition.

RichardM said...

79°F! Sounds nice, and a bit better than below freezing. If you dress for the cold, it is pretty nice but it's hard to dress for excessive heat.

And I heartily agree with you on the fog though ice may be a worse riding condition but not one that you're likely to run into in KW.