Friday, October 18, 2013

Goodbye Anaheim

Interior of the
Anaheim Convention Center
This morning was the last day of the Educause Annual Conference. In about an hour, I will be heading to the airport to head to Oregon for a few days. I don't get to the Educause conference very often anymore but the session content has generally been pretty good. Some of the sessions were a little disappointing as some vendors took it as an opportunity to do a sales pitch. But it was a good opportunity to meet with others and learn how other some other universities are handling similar problems. There is also an exhbition attached to the conference with a variety of vendors. Lenovo had a really cool tablet/laptop and Microsoft convinced me that Windows 8 wasn't as bad as I've heard especially if the laptop has a touchscreen. I may be forced to try one out.


I finally met the new CIO for the University of Alaska Anchorage and had some good conversations with him and many others.

A few nights ago, Pearson publishing had a bunch of food trucks parked in between the Hilton and Marriot hotels in front of the convention center. And they even had a surf band. Very "Southern California". A bunch of other companies had receptions at the same time so I don't think anyone went hungry (or thirsty) that evening. I ended up visiting the OpenDNS reception as I had some questions for their tech staff.

Last night, I walked back to Downtown Disney. Didn't do any shopping but I really enjoyed wandering around. I stopped at Indian restaurant for a light dinner on my way back to the hotel. The weather has been wonderful while I've been here. Not too hot.


  1. Windows 8 eh? I'll be interested to hear how it compares, in your opinion, with MacOS.

    Looking forward to getting back on your rig?


    1. Yep, looking forward to getting back. I've noticed that it is really warm in AK...

      I suspect that I'll still prefer OS X and iOS but Win 8 and the tiled interface isn't as bad as I was led to believe (by several Windows fans). I suspect that they didn't read the documentation. At the Microsoft booth, I could just ask how to do something or will it do this and the answers were always "Yes!".

  2. Richard:

    I was wondering how may "steps" today on your walk.

    I've been avoiding Windows 8 and waiting for the next OS to come out before buying my next UltraBook. But I am becoming more portable having just bought a 7" tablet. The screen is much larger than my iPhone and I am just getting used to it. Not sure if I can blog with it or not

    NEWS FLASH: I just received notification that a NEW WINDOWS was available. You'll have to test it for us

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Wednesday -10,784, Thursday - 21,128, Friday - 2,662.

      Which tablet did you get? Nexus 7?

    2. Look at the Lenovo Helix if you want to see a cool ultra book.

    3. Richard:

      Too late, I have the Asus Google nexus 7 ver2. I am liking it a lot. I'm Typing on it now. Super fast but different ui than the iOS

      riding the wet coast