Sunday, June 23, 2013

Long Travel Day

Today is a travel day. We went on two subways in Kyoto, the Shinkansen form Kyoto to Tokyo, the Narita Express (NEX) from Tokyo to Narita Airport and now we are waiting at the gate for our flight to Singapore. We won't arrive until about 2:30am and will need to wait until my sister and her family arrive about half an hour later on a different airline. This is just a ramdom photo from the train and, as you can see, it really didn't clear up much so no Mt. Fuji photo.

 This is the train station in Tokyo where we are waiting for the train to Narita Airport. Lots of overhead lines as that is how all of the trains seem to be powered. It makes for a cluttered view of the sky but there is not "third rail" either. I'm told that makes them a little safer.

The NEX was a pretty nice train. All of the seats are assigned and they have these nice sliding glass doors separating the seating compartment from the luggage storage section. It wasn't as quiet or as fast as the Shinkansen but still a very nice ride. A bit more pleasant than the bus ride we took upon arrival. There were food carts going up and down the aisles on the NEX like the Shinkansen but we bought bento box lunches in the Kyoto train station. I'll modify the post later to include a photo of yet another tasty meal.

Good bye to Japan for now. I think that we'll be back...


  1. Looking forward to the Singapore pics!


  2. I am glad you had such a great visit to Japan. So many things to see 9and good things to eat) and of course visit family.