Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy in Salt Lake

I'm in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah for the Winter ESCC/Internet² Joint Tech Meeting. Fresh snow on the ground and temperatures right above freezing made for slow walking. The hotel is about 1½ miles from the student union where the meetings are being held. There are some evening meetings at the Marriot and I may just skip those due to the distance and the lack of transportation. The mountains surrounding the university campus look great with their fresh dusting of snow. One of the strangest things was the campus was absolutely deserted. On my walk this afternoon, I saw maybe 2 other people over a 45 minute period. Everything on campus is completely shut down. No food concessions open. This evening, I ended up having dinner at the student dining room (for dorm residents) as it was one of the few places available. The other choice was the hospital cafeteria. For some reason, hospital food didn't sound very appetizing. The dining hall was okay and it had a decent salad bar and offered quite a variety of food for $8.95.

I got very little sleep last night on the flight down so I think I will skip checking out the fitness center. Good night...

Monday evening - A pretty nice day today. Had a breakfast meeting with NOAA followed by the JT meeting until 4:00. I then took a tour of SCI, the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute here at the University of Utah. Interesting place and a couple of researchers talked about some of their projects. They also had a 4x6 HD tv array for displaying some of their visualization products.

Instead of going to the connector and gigapop geek meetings at the Marriot, I felt like I really needed some exercise so I went for a walk/run. Some outside and some on the treadmill. 9 miles tonight and 10¼ miles for the day. No sore knees (or any other joints). Much of the snow has melted but didn't feel like wandering around looking for dinner or going to the cafeteria again. Settled for an apple and a Glucerna bar. Not much of a dinner but I usually don't feel like eating after running.


  1. I was in Salt Lake City years ago. Beautiful place. If you see the NOAA people again, tell them we would love to have their headquarters move to Oregon from Seattle!

    You do get around, don't you?

  2. Richard:

    Not good for you to economize by not eating. Not good for your system. Can't they send you somewhere warmer ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. This is over 60 degrees (F) than home!