Friday, January 29, 2010

221.78 Miles This Month (Not on the Bike)

I actually made my 200 mile goal (walking/running) for the month on the Nike+ site. I generally tend to slack off with the aerobic exercise in the winter but since I didn't have any significant work related travel this month, it was a good opportunity to try and get in a decent amount of exercise. This months total is still less than I occasionally manage in the summer since I really prefer to go for walks on the trails and roads instead of the treadmill. Today, it was significantly warmer at +16°F so I had a nice walk down to lower campus and back in addition to a morning jog on the treadmill. I may have to lay off the running a bit since I'm starting to feel aches in some of my joints. Even with all the aerobic exercise and strength training, I think I may have put on a few pounds this month. That isn't good. This is being made worse by a couple of work trips coming up. I hope there is some sort of workout facility where I'm staying at the University of Utah. I'm going down for the ESCC/Internet² Joint Tech meeting plus I'll be helping teach an IPv6 workshop after the regular meeting. Traditionally, this meeting is a wealth of information and well worth the time and effort.

Sunday afternoon - I updated the mileage in the title but didn't update the screen capture since I don't have the capture software on my netbook.


  1. When I first looked at it, I figured 202.44 miles for a month of riding was nothing to brag about. Then I realized it was human powered miles. Wow!

  2. Hello Richard - thanks for stopping by my blog, and I will come back regularly to yours. Wow, that is a great acheivement in any weather, but in particular in Fairbanks in the winter!