Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Still Winter

At -25°F, the temperature is still very "winter like" but warmer than it was last week. I'm still walking (some jogging) but not losing any weight. Kind of depressing. The Nike+ challenges have lost their motivational ability mostly due to people cheating the system and Nike not doing anything about it. On some challenges, there are people posting runs of 40 miles per day... every day. Or posting the same run 4 or 5 times in a row... every day. Kind of eliminates any desire to participate. I guess I'm the type of person that still needs motivation to exercise. On Monday, I ran intervals (2 min run followed by 2 min walk) for an hour then felt pretty good so I ran for another 45 minutes. I followed this with a full round of the weight machines and felt pretty good when I was done. Maybe I just need more days off. BTW, I don't think I ever got the memo that Monday was a university holiday. I showed up to an almost empty building on a deserted campus. But since I had plenty to do, I just stuck around and worked until mid-afternoon then went to the Alaska Club.

The new university sponsored program, WIN for Alaska Get the Point, starts up in a couple of weeks so maybe that'll help. I'm not sure what the awards will be this year but the last two were pretty good. A Garmim 305 gps one year and an 8 GB iPod Touch the next. Maybe this cold spell will let up for a while so I can start walking outside again.


  1. Whever there's a number goal involved, people always seem to work the system. We have a guy in our territory who claims to make 900 sales calls a month. In Phoenix we saw his sales numbers. Way down there. Productive calls, eh? Not.

    Imagine running 40 miles a day, every day. How long does it take to run a marathon at speed? Could somebody actually job 40 miles in a day, I wonder?

  2. I think the record for marathons in about 2 1/4 hours but then they need a couple of weeks to recover. I corresponded with someone from Australia that just finished a 100km race on trails and back roads around Sydney. The first runners come in around 12 hours or so.

  3. Richard:

    I have a hard time commuting 40 miles per day in the car, can't imagine Jogging.

    Irondad: ineffective sales calls mean nothing. Perhaps a few well place phone calls instead would have generated more business

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin