Sunday, January 10, 2010

Believe It Or Not

It looks like winter is settling in for a while. January and February seem to be the hardest months to deal with around here. No big holidays nor cheery decorations to lift your spirits. But on the positive side, I noticed that sunrise is starting to get significantly earlier. Sunrise is now around 10:30 compared to after 11:00 around December 20th. While walking down to church yesterday around 9:00, you could already see a fair amount of red on the south-eastern horizon.

There is little, if any, heat from the sun this time of year. Late last night, it was -38°F, this morning -42°F and now that the sun has risen, it is -45°F. Temperatures are not headed in the right direction. There is a significant inversion now as it is over 20°F warmer at moderately higher elevations and coldest near the river. Temperatures on the weather sites are reported from the airport which is next to the river. Obviously, the lowest point in the valley.

Tuesday Morning - I don't think it is getting any better...


  1. I suddenly have this urge to buy a parka and wear it into a hot bath.

  2. Richard:

    I can't remember exactly but when I was around 8, I went to school and there was no one there except for me. I was puzzled . . . then discovered later that it was Saturday.

    Hmm, warmer at -25F . I don't know if it is possible to differential between levels of coldness at -25f, or -10f or whatever. Anything below 32F is cold to me.

    It's no wonder you run. Running makes you warmer

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin