Monday, October 19, 2009

Time to Finally Put the Bike Away

I was thinking that I would go for a ride this last weekend but didn't and this morning, it was down in the low teens again and the afternoon temperatures are no longer getting above freezing. So I drove the truck in this morning since I had an errand to run. Yesterday, I got in quite a bit of walking but felt really chilled by the time evening came. We are still getting quite a bit of warmth from the sun these days as you can really feel the temperature drop once it sets. No pictures as it is really gray and drab with all of the leave gone and no snow. Tonight, I will drain the gas from the bike and push it back to it's place in the back of the garage 'til spring. There are a number of maintenance tasks needed as well as some minor repairs. I am still debating whether I should pull the heads to check for valve recession since it would be really inconvenient to break down in the middle of a trip. I believe, from articles on the Internet, that my bike is one of those that has a problem with valve seat metallurgy. I haven't found any records that indicate that this issue was taken care of by the previous owners. Plus, the mileage is about right for the problem to show up (60K miles).

Other maintenance items are:
transmission input shaft grease
swing arm grease
replace cables
replace brake fluid
remove exhaust doughnuts
adjust valves
replace fluids

There is also the issue where the bike ran real during a heavy rain. To me hinting at an ignition problem.

Other things:
Put on the Reynolds rear rack
Considering an upgraded charging system
Considering front facing running lights for more visibility
Considering blinking LED brake light for better visibility

About a month ago, I followed an RT of similar vintage and noticed that the brake light and turn signals were pretty dim during the day. And we have a lot of day around here. Looking at the list, it's a good thing I don't mind doing the maintenance myself. I sure wouldn't want to be paying shop rates for all of it...

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