Friday, October 23, 2009

Warm Enougn to Ride and 3000 miles on Nike+!

Who would've believed it. After all, it's almost November! This morning, I dug the bike out from the back of the garage and rode into the university again. The last two days, it was so warm that I walked home (plus I need the exercise). I can't remember a time when there hasn't been snow on the ground at the end of October. In fact, I can remember many Halloweens when temperatures were well below zero and the kids went around the neighborhood on a sled behind a snow machine (a.k.a. snow-mobile). The temperature was in the low 20's and it was really nice to ride in again. I did keep an eye out for ice on the road because occasionally water spills out from the back of trucks of those hauling their own water but absolutely no issues this morning. I tried out the grip warmers again but turned them off after only a couple of miles since they were too warm with my summer gloves and this was on the low setting. Maybe I should look into them this winter while I do all my other maintenance. I'm assuming that they are working properly. The weather guessers claim that it won't snow today but it looks a little ominous to me. If it starts to look worse, I think I will just head home...

Still spending an inordinate amount of time trying to learn about Google Wave. It is still "very beta" and some things only work some of the time and sometimes it gets really slow. When I got my account, it came with 8 invites. So far, 7 of the 8 people I invited have signed up and we have started to look at some of the collaboration features. I still haven't figured out how to work with documents (it that's possible) but some of the robots are interesting. One of the claims real time translation so I tried it with the text from one of my blog posts. It translated it into Japanese so I sent the resulting text to a good friend from Japan. She said that it looks like translators will not be put out of business soon since it was only about 5% accurate. In case you are interested, here it is below...

I was thinking that I would go for a ride this last weekend but didn't and this morning, it was down in the low teens again and the afternoon temperatures are no longer getting above freezing. So I drove the truck in this morning since I had an errand to run. Yesterday, I got in quite a bit of walking but felt really chilled by the time evening came. We are still getting quite a bit of warmth from the sun these days as you can really feel the temperature drop once it sets. No pictures as it is really gray and drab with all of the leave gone and no snow. Tonight, I will drain the gas from the bike and push it back to it's place in the back of the garage 'til spring. There are a number of maintenance tasks needed as well as some minor repairs. I am still debating whether I should pull the heads to check for valve recession since it would be really inconvenient to break down in the middle of a trip. I believe, from articles on the Internet, that my bike is one of those that has a problem with valve seat metallurgy. I haven't found any records that indicate that this issue was taken care of by the previous owners. Plus, the mileage is about right for the problem to show up (60K miles).

私は自分が乗って、この最後の週末のために行くことはないと今朝考えていたのは、これを低く、10代で再び午後の気温は、もはや凍結上記の取得されまし た。以来、私は実行するためにお使いいただから私はこの午前中のトラックを行なった。昨日、私は歩くのはかなりを取ったが、実際には時間の夕方までに冷え た感じだった。一度設定する我々はまだ、これらの日として、本当に気温の低下を感じることは、太陽からの温かさがかなり進んでいる。いいえイメージとして は、実際は灰色ですし、すべてのままにして雪過ぎ去ったとパッとしない。今夜、私は自転車からのガスを排出し、戻ってのところにガレー ジ'の後ろにティルの春押してください。ある保守タスクの数だけでなく、いくつかのマイナーな修理が必要です。私はまだので、実際には旅 の途中で分解するには不便になるかどうか私はバルブの不況をチェックするための頭プルする必要があります議論をしています。私は、インターネット上の記事 からは、私の自転車一人は、バルブシート冶金に問題があるのだと思いまます。私は、この問題の以前の所有者に引き取られたことを示すすべてのレコードが見 つかっていない。さらに、走行されている問題についての権利のために(60Kマイル)を表示します。

Friday Afternoon - After running around at lunch time, I noticed that I was only 1¼ miles from the 3000 mile mark. I needed to drop off a form at Signers' Hall on lower campus so that seemed like a good excuse to get a few more miles in. So I reached one of my goals and it isn't even December yet.

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  1. Congrats on reaching your goal--ahead of time, no less. Nice blog. Looking forward to reading the other posts!