Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Beautiful Morning

Another clear, beautiful morning which means that I was able to ride the bike in again. This was the view from West Ridge on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus looking towards the southeast a bit before sunrise. I like the way the moon looked as well as the clouds but I should have had more sky in the picture since that is what I was focusing on. Last night while riding, I noticed that you could see Denali so visibility is over 200 miles. I thought about taking a picture but with just the camera on my iPhone, you wouldn't have been able to see much. For times like this morning, it worked out great. And they say that the best camera is the one that you have with you. I.e. willing to carry.

After my unexpected encounter with ice on the road last night, I was a bit wary about riding in this morning since it was a cool 20°F. No ice and too much traffic for frost on the road and I was plenty warm. My only problem was the visor fogging up so I ended up riding with it cracked open. Kind of a hassle. I did consider walking in this morning since i feel like I need the exercise but I figured that there were so few riding days left, I should take advantage of all of them. I can start walking more once the snow flies.

Wednesday afternoon - It's up to 41°F but there is still ice in all the cracks in the road. I just walked down to lower campus and back along the ski trails and there is a fair amount of ice back in the woods. Those areas get very little, if any, sunshine so it isn't surprising. This is just about the ideal temperature for me. Not really cold but cool enough to get in a little aerobic exercise without overheating.

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