Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Icy Road!

The snow-free weather is continuing so I took the opportunity to ride the RT in to work again. Yesterday, I took the really long way home, going through the Goldstream Valley as well as running through town and Farmers Loop Rd before ending up a mere 6 miles from my starting point. It felt pretty cool this morning with temperatures in the low 20's. The old RT fairing offers pretty good wind protection so I didn't even feel a need to use the hand grip heaters. I tried them once and they worked pretty well though it seems to really tax the charging system on the bike. This morning was the first time I've ridden in the dark and the headlight really needs to be aimed up a bit. Maybe a small project for tonight. The temperature is now up to 37°F, still a bit cool but I'm looking forward to a longish ride again after work.

Tuesday evening - I took a very long route home to take advantage of the warmer weather. I ran into a reminder that is still getting to be winter. On a north facing slope of the Old Steese Hwy, I ran into a bit of ice on the road and noticed that there was snow along the road and in the driveways. I guess this section of the road didn't receive any sunlight at all. The bike felt pretty squirrely but I just kept neutral throttle and let the bike wobble and wander under me and didn't have any problems. The stretch lasted for about ½ a mile but it felt much, much longer. Other than that small section, it was a great ride. I saw a couple of other bikes including a couple of dual sport bikes headed north towards the haul road. One of these days...

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