Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Squiggly has a new home for August

At the south end of the Beaver Slide Winter Trail, you'll find a stash of red Squiggly chips. I was debating just posting the coordinates but broke down and added some pictures as well. Just copy and paste the coordinates (N64° 52.164' W147° 51.675') into Google Maps (then switch to satellite view) or paste directly into Google Earth and you will get a fairly good picture of its location and the winter trail shows up pretty well. It is at the base of a clump of trees between the field and the sign. The Beaver Slide trail is located on the West Ridge ski trail system about 1 mile NW of the warmup hut. It is a nice walk...

BTW, I modified this link few hundredths of a degree west and a few thousandths of a degree north as the registration was close but the location indicated was slightly off from where I believe it to be. I tried relocating the cache using the coordinates listed using another gps and it led me right to the spot so I have some confidence in the coordinates listed.

Thursday 8/02/07 - On the noontime WIN walk, I had someone else locate the cache using the gps and they found it pretty quickly. Where's the challenge? At least there are four names in it already! And on just day two...

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