Monday, August 13, 2007

Number of steps

Today was a record low number of steps for me. I managed the 2k steps I needed to finish the Orient Express by lunchtime but since I was in a class for most of the day and I started the day out exhausted, there weren't many steps beyond that. No motivation...

Tuesday 8/14/07 - Next Thursday is the last noontime WIN walk for the summer (I originally thought today was the last day). Four people showed up for the WIN walk.

Wednesday 8/15/07 - Feeling much better now. I walked/jogged 11 miles on the treadmill this evening averaging over 4 mph and it really felt pretty good. It improved my thoughts about walking and exercise in general. I'm thinking that since I haven't been too active lately due to travel, activities and weather, it was somewhat depressing. I guess maybe I really am getting addicted to exercise or at least accepting its role in my life. Last week while I was in Barrow, I tried jogging in the morning and it felt great. It is completely flat so you almost have to increase your speed to get any cardio benefit. The non-paved roads meant no sore joints and it was nice and cool (felt like Fall). A year ago I couldn't jog 100 yards let alone several miles. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep this pace up for the next 6 weeks so I don't plan on trying to finish again but I do feel some motivation again.

Thursday 8/16/07 - Small turnout at the noon WIN walk. We went down to the botanical gardens after a short walk on the ski trails. This evening, I went on one of my 'normal' loops and tried to jog on most of the uphill sections. Didn't do as much as yesterday but still enjoyed the outing. It wasn't too hot and minimal bugs. Averaged about 4 mph again for the 5 mile loop.

Friday 8/17/07 - It was such a nice morning, I went to check on the Squiggly cache. It is still there and I pulled out the 5 names from the bottle. I was concerned that the bottle may disappear since it is visible if you are walking south on the winter trail. Hopefully, traffic should be minimal since,after all, it is a winter trail. It was a nice walk while the morning fog was lifting. I also walked to lower campus during lunch to get one of the 89 Cal smoothies from the bookstore. A real treat and still fairly low carb. Tomorrow, I intend to fix my new-old bicycle and get some riding in before it snows.

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